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Mega888 – About

Online gaming is widespread in modern society, with the number of online gamblers growing daily. About half of the world's population is actively gambling.

Mega888 was released in 2018 and has rapidly expanded to become one of Malaysia's most renowned online casino games. Thus concludes Mega888's startup presentation.

As with 918kiss, it has established itself as the most common denomination for slot machines in Singapore and Malaysia. Additionally, this casino platform is well-known for its large selection of well-themed games and high payout percentage.

Additionally, this website features over a hundred different types of online slot machines. MEGA888 features a variety of casino games, including baccarat, roulette, and blackjack.

Each game features a unique interface and theme. With the assistance of these visually appealing layouts, players can easily locate the game they enjoy in a matter of seconds.

After being inspired by the theme, players will check out the games and earn a free test ID.

When a player begins to develop an affinity for the game, he or she may begin wagering with real money. Additionally, the game is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices, ensuring that players have the best gaming experience possible. If you're looking to win big on slots and other games, MEGA888 is a good choice.

MEGA888 is perfect for players who want the biggest online slots betting games, as it will run swiftly, and they will find it very exciting. For those who are unfamiliar with the world's most popular online slot games, they can seem quite intimidating at first, but you quickly learn how to utilize them. You can learn a lot using Slots once you learn the basics. The latest discovery is indeed addictive, and now new members are very desirable. Most of the people who gamble on this website are from Southeast Asian countries.

How to download Mega888 on iOS?

Before you start downloading the game, here is a note:

For Mega888 iOS download, after you have clicked download, you have to TRUST the developer before you can run the app. You will have to go to “Settings > Device Management > Trust > All continental trading Sdn Bhd”.

Here are a few steps to apply to download Mega888:

Step No. 1: Click iOS

Step No. 2: Once you have clicked iOS, they will ask you whether you want to download Mega888, which is obvious. So, proceed by clicking Install

Step No. 3: Rush back to your home page and click on the application

Step No. 4: A pop up will appear as Untrusted Ent. Developer. Click cancel.

Step No. 5: Once you have cancelled it, go to the settings

Step No. 6: Go to general in settings and select device management

Step No. 7: Then click on the developer and then on Trust

Step No. 8: On clicking trust, it will reconfirm, so click trust again.

Step No. 9: Mega888 is successfully downloaded to your phone. Make an account and start smashing!

How to download Mega888 on Android?

Here are a few steps to follow for the Mega888 android download

Step No. 1: Go to your Google Chrome Browser and type

Step No. 2: In the menu that just appeared, click on the green box, saying Android

Step No. 3: You will see a notification below your screen. As the download process has been completed, click on the open button.

Step No. 4: Once you click that, the Mega888 file will be opened.

Step No. 5: On the file, click Install.

Step No. 6: The installation will be successfully started.

Step No. 7: Once you have successfully installed the game, you can now create your account and start playing.

How to download Mega888 on PC?

Finally, here are a few steps for Mega888 download on your pc:

Step No. 1: Go to the Apk download page and search for download links.

Step No. 2: Click on the IOS or android link based on which platform you are installing it on.

Step No. 3: From there a file will be downloaded containing Mega888.

Step No. 4: When the download is completed, click on open.

Step No. 5: A file will be opened, then click on Install.

Step No. 6: Once you have clicked that, your game will be successfully installed on the PC.

Step No. 7: Open your game, create your account and start playing any game of your choice.

Whether you are downloading it on iOS, Android or your PC, you will experience the same level of fun on all.

Mega888 Free Login ID

You are aware that you can obtain a free Mega888 login if you are new to the site. As a newcomer, the game will provide you with a complimentary password. You can immerse yourself in it and enjoy the ride by playing any game for free. Additionally, if you continue to play this game, you will earn free bonuses over time.

Finally, you can obtain free credit and begin playing all of the fantastic slots, table games, and other games included in the original Mega888 Apk. The Free Credit bonus 2021 enables you to play mobile games without spending any of your own money. After experiencing this, a certain level of trust is established in the Mega888 casino.

How Safe is MEGA888 for use?

You will be happy to know that all the online casino games that you can pick from MEGA888 is the safe online gambling platform in Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand/Indonesia.

Besides, your ID login details are safe and secure.

Our company operation is fully licensed and holds a legitimate license for both online casinos and it's all software present online.

With 128-bit encryption too, you can feel more satisfied with your data because it is safe and secure on our website. There is no reason that you suspect the veracity or quality of the MEGA888 online casino. As far as security is concerned, MEGA888 provides everything you would expect.

The customer support team is qualified and professional. If you have any problems when using MEGA888, you will get all the help for solving the problems. We provide 24/7 customer support so that you can solve the issues quickly.

How to Win Random Jackpot

If you are not playing the jackpot mega888 with the maximum bet, you will not get the big bonus. You can only win the major Jackpot if you play with the maximum bet at the slot machines.

However, you are more likely to get the minor Jackpot if you do not place your bet to the maximum. Several hundred ringgit to a few thousand dollars is the lowest jackpot value. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you pick up the minor Jackpot. You would wish to play until you hit the Jackpot when you are on a winning streak. Taking on the challenge is a worthwhile decision if you are ready.

1. It is necessary to have a minimum amount of money and lose it first, no matter how much or how little was spent.

2. In general, the random Jackpot will fall once the value of the random Jackpot is between RM1800 and RM4000. If the random Jackpot is higher than RM4000, don't play the games. The random jackpot value will return to RM1000 once the Jackpot is won.

3. It would help if you understood that every game has a random jackpot. If the value of the random jackpot changes or increases rapidly, all games will 100% win a random release. However, we cannot predict the outcome of a random release.

4. If you've won a jackpot before and have wanted to win again, then switch to different agents. Do not play in the location where it triggered the Jackpot. Please do not use the same phone; try to change it using a different phone or a computer or laptop to play.

Research to analyze its probability distribution took place last year. We gathered millions of data using AI software, which we borrowed from well-known AI companies. Through big data analysis, we found some Mega888 games provided a 2.8% jackpot chance. It is not surprising to see that so many people consistently make one huge win in the Mega888 app. The results are expected because it can be a game that you win consistently if you gamble in the app.

Mega888 Tips & Guidelines

Mega88 has recently attracted a significant number of new players who have moved from land-based casinos to online casinos. Online casinos are more convenient to use and provide greater flexibility when playing casino games. Numerous online casinos offer a greater variety of games of higher quality, a smoother gaming experience, highly customizable games, improved rhythm control, user-friendly casino design, and enhancement. As a result of these factors, many people have abandoned land-based casinos in favour of online gambling.

When you first enter Mega 888, you can find the experience daunting. This is because the online gaming industry works in a very different manner than the larger land-based casinos.

1. Acknowledge Budgeting

Success is often contingent upon proper preparation, not just in the physical world but also in the virtual world. Naturally, this does not apply only to the online world. Not only does budgeting, also known as money management, assist you in tracking your profits and losses, but it can also assist you in making more informed and rational decisions about the games you play. The explanation is critical in gaming; you do not want to deplete your money in pursuit of small fortunes.

2. Different tables

For instance, a casino game offers a 1 in 10 chance of winning a Rolls Royce; playing a role requires at least 10 seconds of your time, equating to getting 100 seconds to win it.

The online world places no restrictions on the number of concurrent sessions a person can play a game. This is referred to as a multi-table technique. There is no immediate restriction in the case of Games that do not need a great deal of concentration or power. The only issue is that hosting several live table games is difficult. Nonetheless, players must be able to focus and behave at the same pace as true professional athletes.

3. Gaming Strategies

Beginning the game without developing a betting plan is a grave error; it is dumb, fatal, and all too easy to commit. Although developing a betting strategy will seem self-evident, there are still enough naïve players who assume that simply winning is sufficient to succeed. The ting strategy is our preferred betting strategy guide. For players who are unfamiliar with the mar technique, it is a betting approach used to recover net income after a loss.

What kind of games Can I Play on MEGA888?

There are a lot of slots gamers and table gamers that provided on this particular gambling platform.

You will find that it works with two major suppliers in the industry: Real Time Gaming.

Both are well-known brands in the global slot machine industry, so you can feel confident here because their games are modern, reliable, and above all it is fair.

MEGA888 only works with game developers who are creating content that is legitimate and genuine. So, don't worry about the games being "against you" or impossible to win. The majority of the games that provided are slots and table gaming you will find here!

For example, here's MEGA888 game list:

SteamTower, DragonMaiden, TopGun, FootBall, Witch, Wukong, Easter, JinQianWa, FortunePanda, RobinHood, Alice, AfricanWildLife, Seasons, Laura, Pirate, Amazon, Aladdin, OceanParadise, PanjinLian, MagicalSpin, PritateShip, HalloweenParty, CookiePop, ShiningStars, FairyGarden, StoneAge, WesternRanch, MoneyFever, Treasureisland, GoldenTree, RanchStory, SeaWorld, Circus, FengShen, Three Kingdoms, Water Margin, GodOfWealth, FiveDragon, Wealth, Aztec, Crystal, Garden, Greenlight, Victory, Dragon Gold, Tally Ho, FORTUNE, Orient, Rally, BoyKing, Dragon, SeaCaptain, CoyoteCash, T-REX, Fashion, PayDirt, Fame, BigShot, Cleopatra, Twister, Girls, GoldenSlut, EmperorGate, ICELAND, JAPAN, Boxing, Panda, India, WildFox, GoldenLotus, Prosperity, Wong Choy, HighWay, ZhaoCaiJinBao, GreatStars, Kimochi, NianNianYouYu, Captain, Spartan, Silver, PantherMoon, SAFARI Heat, Thai, BonusBears, CherryLove, GreatBlue, IrishLuck, TheDiscovery, Spartan, Fruit, GoldenTour, ANightOut, Samurai, DolphinReef, ReelClassic, Crazy7, MonkeySlots, BallSlots

and more! There are many games to choose and experience, so you may feel free to select it.

You also can select the games from Texas Hold'em Poker to Pontoon, and other classics like Blackjack. The MEGA888 table games are excellent and easy for you to experience the wider gaming.

If you are looking for an online casino that offers more slot games, you will find it on MEGA888.

Features of the Mega888

Easy Registration

There are no lengthy registration forms; all you need to do is enter your name, age, and email address, and after a short time, you'll have access to your account. You can earn a bonus upon registration that you can use to play games.

No Bugs

Unlike other sites, mega 888 updates their platform on a regular basis to address bugs and technical issues, ensuring that you never encounter a technical issue.

Chat Rooms

Additionally, this online casino allows you to communicate with other players; you can communicate with players from all over the world while sitting in your own home.


Mega 888 is a well-known website that has been offering online casino services for many years; they are licenced and legal. As a result, you will enter this platform without fear of security risks.

Free To Use

The best feature of this application is that it is completely free to use; there are no monthly fees associated with playing this online casino game. If you wish to wager, you can do so with your money.

Earn Cash

The unique and most liked feature of this application is that it offers both fun and entertainment while also providing an opportunity to earn money. You can earn money by participating in various games available at this online casino game.

Bonuses and Reward

What makes this online casino game so appealing and successful is that it offers numerous rewards and bonuses that you can use to play various games. You may also use them for betting purposes.

Effortless Withdrawal

With the money you earn while playing online casino games, you can fund your account on this website. Unlike other platforms, this online casino makes it extremely easy to withdraw your funds.

Secure and Safe

In comparison to other online games, the mega 888 online casino offers successful security measures because they place a premium on their players' safety. As a result, you can use this application without fear of attack.

How to Become a Mega888 Agent

Anyone is qualified to become an agent on MEGA888. It is not required to fulfil any conditions; all that is required is strong money. However, you must locate an approved agent to apply for a proxy user kiosk.

To become a Mega888 agent, you must purchase games points. Your Kiosk system will come equipped with everything you need to operate and maintain your casino. The kiosk system enables you to create customer accounts, replenish credit, and clear credit, among other functions.

To succeed as a Slot Game Agent, you must first develop a long-term plan. As with any online gaming company that caters to a large number of customers, we offer a variety of gaming options such as sports betting, online casinos, and slot machines. It would be beneficial if you determined your market plan and began with the Mega888 game as a focal point.

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